Happy birthday to our much-loved crypto-news magazine, The Iconist!

One year ago today, we launched The Iconist as the first dedicated news site for the ICON Republic. Since then, we’ve published a total of 282 stories, garnered over 150,000 views, covered some of the biggest ICON announcements and interviewed the most important players in the ecosystem, including ICON Foundation members, DApps, and countless P-Rep candidates.

Wow, time sure flies when you’re fighting FUD…

To commemorate, we thought it would be fun to go over our top articles of the past year and see what most interested ICONists. Here are the 10 most viewed stories from The Iconist since August 16th, 2018:

  1. Exclusive: We Unravel the Mystery of 18% Jump in ICX Circulation
  2. The Selection of P-Reps Marks the Beginning of ICONSENSUS
  3. The Iconist Aims to be the New York Times of the ICON Republic
  4. Everything We Do (and Don’t) Know About the ICX Buyback
  5. Min Kim Says ICON Has a Bright Present and Even Brighter Future
  6. No Rest Labs Handles All Your Blockchain Needs
  7. Top 5 ICON DApps in 2018
  8. [Video Tour] ICON’s New Office Leaves Plenty of Room to Expand
  9. ICON TX Challenge Vaporizes Ethereum
  10. Korea’s Four Biggest Exchanges Launch Joint Initiative to Against Criminal Activity

ICONSENSUS has obviously been a big topic in this formative year in ICON’s history. ICON’s growing up, step by step, and decentralizing is a huge part of this. An interview with Min Kim came in at #5, in which he really summarized how crucial the past year’s developments have been when he said:

“We try to live two to three years from now. We envision what the world will be like two to three years from now and we start making products and start strategizing to position ourselves to build that vision.”

Anything ICX-related has also proven to be a hot issue at The Iconist, understandably. Our biggest story of all time was a quick analysis of an ICX price spike. (It was also, admittedly, a bit overly sensational with the ICON blue Lambo we stuck in the header image.) We’ll try to stay on top of ICX news for you going forward, although we must, of course, stay clear of speculation.

We’re also happy to see that DApp coverage has been a popular topic, and this is certainly something we’d love to explore more often in the future, especially with the P-Rep race getting so much attention. We view DApps as being one of the most important elements of the ICON ecosystem, as this is where regular people can see immediate traction.

We’d like to give a big thanks to all ICONists who have consistently read and supported The Iconist over the past year. We will continue to cover the deeper stories in the crypto world and bring forth the people behind ICON projects.

Here’s to another great year: We hope to be writing a similar post in August, 2020 and beyond!

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