At The Iconist we aim to cover the deeper stories in the crypto world. Rather than focusing on today’s prices and questions like “When moon?”, we look deeper at the people behind the projects and the forces moving the markets. We focus on what’s really going on within the ICON Republic.

We’ve interviewed industry influencers like Alex Tapscott, and leaders within the ICON ecosystem like Min Kim, JH Kim, Ricky Dodds and Josh Choi. The Iconist has also interviewed key players like TRIVE, No Rest Labs, Deblock and the brains behind DApp projects like Carboneum, VELIC, AC3, STAYGE, weBloc and Zensports. We’ve tapped our network to talk to ICON engineers and put our investigative skills to the test by unravelling the real story behind ICX price fluctuations.

Our Editorial Policies

Impartiality and Independence

We are not an official channel for the ICON Foundation or ICONLOOP and we don’t write fluff. We take pride in maintaining our journalistic standards and editorial independence. Our primary allegiance is to the ICON community.

Fairness and Accuracy

We always check our facts and yours, too. On occasions when we do make a mistake, please email us at to submit a request and we’ll swiftly make the correction. We also strive to talk to and include viewpoints from all stakeholders in a story. We won’t publish accusations or hearsay without first trying to talk to the person or company involved.


We welcome questions and suggestions from the community and we’ll respond to the best of our ability. But remember, we are not part of the ICON Foundation and we don’t sit in their offices. If you have questions about something ICON does ask us to look into it. Our job is to help you understand.