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Value, Investment in Blockchain Climbs in 2019

South Korea's blockchain industry had a pretty good 2019, with the value of and investment in blockchain companies climbing from the previous year.

Staking and Voting: Pointing You in a Few Good Directions

Staking makes the ICON network go.

Leading Biometric Security Firm Joins MyID Alliance

Leading provider of biometrics and security Suprema has joined the MyID Alliance as a Growth Partner.

Will S. Korea Implement the Crypto Travel Rule?

South Korea may not implement the so-called “travel rule” right away.

IISS 3.0 Passes

The main P-Reps have spoken. And they've spoken in favor of revising ICON's contribution incentive system.

ICON Set to Vote On Revised Incentive Structure

ICON's main P-Reps will begin voting today on adjustments to the network's contribution incentive system.

CBDC Battle for Supremacy Heats Up

Korean-language blockchain news outlet The BChain predicts that with central banks believing the end is nigh for paper money, countries will quietly compete for dominance of digital currency.

DApps Unite to Develop the ICON Ecosystem

Several of ICON's leading DApps are joining forces to promote the development of the blockchain network's DApp ecosystem.

Golden Time in Blockchain is Now Says S. Korea

Talking with blockchain-related companies last week, Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance Koo Yun-cheol called the next two to three years a “golden time” in the global blockchain race.

2020 Q1: ICON DApps Create Volume, Long Way Ahead

ICON might not have many DApps compared to some other networks. But the platform is definitely punching above its weight in terms of transaction volume.

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