The ICX_Station San Francisco Launchpad Kickoff Party has officially wrapped up. Yesterday, the ICON team alongside 7 teams from Korea, the US, Singapore, and Japan, gathered for the first of ICON’s upcoming Launchpads. ICX_Station is ICON’s accelerator program, focusing on leading the future of blockchain businesses running on the ICON Blockchain.

“All Launchpads have the same mission: Accelerate projects pushing the boundaries of real-world adoption of blockchain technology using the ICON Protocol. With this mission statement in mind, along with the ICON ethos of “Hyperconnect the World”, ICX_Station will open Launchpads around the world to help bring together a global network of investors and entrepreneurs”, stated the official launch announcement.

Henry Lee, Director and Head of Global Business at ICON, tweeted that Min was “sharing his experience being an entrepreneur, enduring the process, and working towards being significant” during a fireside chat.

In attendance were dapps weBloc, Stayge One, ZenSports and more.

We expect more interesting developments to come as the ICX_Station SF Launchpad continues its meetings. Stay tuned for upcoming insights from our interviews with ICON dapps.

This week’s news in the ICON Republic

weBloc announces partnership with Carry Protocol, enabling weBloc’s digital advertising ecosystem to expand to the advertisement (offline market) area.

ICON forms a partnership with Portal Network to build ICONick (ICON Name Service), the domain name service on top of the ICON blockchain. 

weBloc reaches a partnership with mobidoo, which provides a variety of services in mobile payment, authentication, IoT and marketing based on Smart Sound Technology.

ICON to sponsor ‘The Wall Blockchain Conference’ held at the DMCF (Digital Media City Festival) on September 6th, with JH Kim in participation at a live panel discussion.

LINE’s digital asset exchange, BITBOX, to start distributing LINK as a reward for all trades, with a daily user distribution limit of US$1,000 worth of LINK

As part of its continued rebranding of theloop to ICONLOOP, ICON announced that ICONLOOP’s new Corporate Identity (“CI”) has been released.

Markus Jun from Deblock shares updates on acceleration, ICON’s growth, demo day, transparency initiative, and the ICX Station