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“People-Centered Technology is Necessary in the DID Era”

Jonghyup Kim, ICONLOOP CEO, talks recovering data sovereignty through my-ID at last week's BlockFesta 2019, a part of the ongoing Korea Blockchain Week.

Crypto Giants Gather for Korea’s Biggest Blockchain Conference

The start of Korea Blockchain Week 2019 is bringing together big names in the crypto industry. Here's a brief recap of what they had to say.

block42 Wants to Disrupt the World with ICON

P-Rep candidate block42 is hoping to pioneer the blockchain revolution by supporting ICON.

The Brief: Your Gateway to ICON News

The Brief highlights the top ICON announcements, news and community content of the weeks of September 12 to 26.

New FSC Chairman Open to Cultivating Blockchain Projects…If They’re Crypto-Free

The new FSC Chairman is keen on supporting blockchain projects, but stands by the Korean government's stance against ICOs and cryptocurrency.

my-ID: ICONLOOP’s Unique Solution to Personal Data Management

ICONLOOP CFO Jay Kim speaks on my-ID, its differences with DPASS and other DID services, as well as what's in store for the future.

More Than Just Talk: AC3 to Leverage Burgeoning User Base as P-Rep

AC3s rare combination of an actual product, users and paying customers is a testament to the team's credibility.

Bringing ICON to the Masses with Dev-Focused Candidate Foundry Box Media

P-Rep candidate Foundry Box Media aims to bring use of ICON by developing useful, customer facing services and tools.

weBloc Partnership to Record Discounted Ticket Sales on the ICON Tracker

weBloc Partnership to Record Discounted Ticket Sales on the ICON Tracker

ICONLOOP CEO Encourages Government to Embrace Blockchain Amid Japanese Efforts

Jonghyup Kim, ICONLOOP CEO, speaks on the state of the Korean blockchain industry and how Japan could be seizing leadership.

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