Monthly Archives: July, 2021

ICX Moves in on 50% Price Rise

Last week we targeted a 50% price hike for ICX. That price target is still in play.

ICON Programming Courses in Vietnam National University

University course teaches ICON programming to hundreds of aspiring developers.

Top Exchanges for Buying ICX

There are so many places to buy ICX nowadays. We compiled a list of the top exchanges, so you don’t have to hunt around.

Korean Lawmaker Launches Bill to Promote Crypto Industry

Tighter regulations on crypto in Korea could pave the way for mass adoption - or is it just more red tape?

Project Nebula: A Breathtaking Space Epic Powered by ICON and NFTs

Project Nebula, an ICON blockchain-based science fiction strategy game that features NFT game items tradeable for ICX, launches today.

Korean National Treasure Reborn as NFT

Now, museum artifacts are getting the NFT treatment too.

Token Score Factory: Making Blockchain One Step Easier

We take a look at iBriz’s newly launched Token Score Factory NFT SCORE deployment tool.

Could ICX Gain 50% Within the Next Three Weeks?

Even as we witness signs of a rally, remember that bear markets are a good time to stock up on ICX.

ICONLOOP Puts DID to Use in Steel Giant’s New Startup Incubator

Major new incubator adopts ICONLOOP's DID solution.

Balanced is Getting a Rebalancing

The team behind, ICON’s newest DeFi protocol, is planning on rolling out some changes soon.

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