Monthly Archives: October, 2019

FSC Urges Lawmakers to Pass Revised Law to Give Crypto Legal Status

The Financial Services Commission is urging lawmakers to legally define cryptocurrency.

The DAO of Node Management: ICON DAO Wants to Build a Decentralized, Autonomous Community

ICON DAO aims to help transform the network's community into a DAO so that ICONists can freely contribute and collaborate.

Decentralized ICON is Now “Blockchain-Complete”

As ICON goes fully decentralized, the network is transforming into a “blockchain-complete” solution.

Simplifying the ICON Developer Experience with Morpheus Labs

The integration of ICON's public blockchain with Morpheus Labs aims to bring efficiency to the ICON developer ecosystem.

Presidential Committee Recommends Legal Status for Cryptocurrency

The Presidential Committee on the 4th Industrial Revolution is urging the Korean government to give encrypted assets legal status.

Promoting ICON as an Alternative Method of Day-to-Day Payments

Metanyx hopes to increase adoption of ICON in the UK and European markets through e-commerce integrations with major shopping carts.

Hodling With Options: ICX Collateralized Loans to the Rescue

VELIC will launch its new Loan M program on Friday, the world's first ICX collateralized loans.

The Brief #3: my-ID Alliance and Decentralization Full Speed Ahead

The Brief highlights the top ICON announcements, news and community content of the weeks of October 11 to October 23.

Staking Tools for Every ICONist

We've collected a few third party staking tools for your convenience.

Korea to Use Blockchain to Innovate Export Sector

Through the “Development Plan for Digital Trade”, South Korea hopes to improve the trade environment by leveraging technologies such as blockchain and AI.

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