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EXCLUSIVE: ICONLOOP Clarifies its Involvement in Korean Voting Project

ICONLOOP Clarifies its Involvement in Korean Voting Project.

Here is some rationality to your speculations

Speculative Rationality is a blockchain research institute providing theoretical models, curating information and highlighting real world projects that bring its mandates to life.

Blockchain News from America. Could they impact Korean regulations?

We've seen America leading the way for more regulation in the blockchain industry, especially in cryptocurrency. South Korea comes to mind instantly as they are deliberating whether to lift their ICO ban.

Where’s the Beef?

This government project brings together two emerging technologies, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT), to eliminate human error by eliminating the human element.

Ricky Dodds: Former Banker Tasked with Making you Love ICON Again

Can ICON get the community's trust back? Meet the person who will try!

Will LogisticsX Reach the Last Mile with November Partnership Spree?

Supplies! LogisticsX Signs Two Partnership Deal in November

NEWS IN THE ICON REPUBLIC: What we’ve got here is failure to communicate

We bring you a summary of what happened last month in the ICON Republic.

The Regulators Strike Back

The latest updates on the Korean crypto news.

Alex Tapscott Interview: Talking ICON, Beards and Rock & Roll

The Iconist had a talk with Alex Tapscott. This is what he said.

Everything We Do (and don’t) Know about the ICX Buyback

Here's what we know about the $5 Million ICX buyback.

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