You might not have heard, but the ICON ecosystem – we tend to call it the ICON Republic – is growing faster than ever. Since the start of 2018, over a dozen companies have started building DAPP projects on top of the ICON protocol. The ICON team also continued to work with over 50 corporate partners and started new projects with government and traditional IT corporations like LINE.

Unless you’re working at ICON Foundation or with its partners, it’s very unlikely that you have heard these statistics, or the stories of the companies or projects behind them. And that’s because blockchain media coverage tends to focus on what the market is doing right now, or on that one big token sale launched by the latest celebrity-turned-cryptocurrency-enthusiast.

Most blockchain companies are run by talented teams, doing serious work, and trying to achieve real results over the long term. They might lack the scandal and intrigue of pump-and-dumps, but they’re also far more important and far more interesting.

We’re realists and we understand that we can’t change cryptocurrency coverage everywhere on the web. But we can create a destination where people can find out what’s happening within ICON’s ecosystem.

ICON Ecosystem as presented by ICONLOOP CEO and ICON Foundation Council Member, JH Kim, at Beyond Blocks Seoul on July 18.

Welcome to The Iconist, the first dedicated news site for the ICON Republic.

In the world beyond blockchain – the traditional world of people and politics and profits – the public demands accountability from the companies they invest in and buy from. Achieving this transparency requires reporters to chase down the truth and deliver real stories to the public.

At the Iconist we will go deeper than the latest numbers or trends. Our team will look at the people behind the projects and bring you their stories. We will look into what’s actually happening within the DAPPs in ICON’s ecosystem. And we’ll tell those stories, even if parts of them are unflattering.

This month we’ll be ramping up coverage with stories including a multi-part in-depth interview up with ICON Foundation Council Member, Min Kim, an inside look at the new ICX Station accelerator in San Francisco, and coverage from several ICON DAPPs.

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