Monthly Archives: May, 2019

Cryptojacker Takes Over Korean Government-Run Server

Investigations underway after contractor cryptojacks server of public research institution.

Broof: Your New Blockchain Certificate Issuer

ICONLOOP recently announced the release of a blockchain-based certificate issuance service called ‘broof', which is based on the ICON public network.

Gilga: On Canadian Acceleration and Representation

Gilga Capital hopes to leverage its extensive connections in Toronto's vibrant blockchain community to expand ICON's ecosystem.

Recap of ICONSENSUS Live Discussion #1

Here's a recap of the first ICONSENSUS live discussion, featuring Portal Network, Noris, BlockVenture Coalition and weBloc.

Korea’s Oldest Bank ‘Chain-Powering Loans

Korea's oldest bank announced Monday that it had launched a blockchain-powered lending platform that makes it easier - and less time-consuming - to get a loan.

Kimchi Premium Arbitrage “Legal Precedent”

Prosecutors in Korea have ruled that it's not illegal for somebody living in Korea to send money to a wallet they own at an overseas cryptocurrency exchange and purchase cryptocurrency, in this case to engage in a little “Kimchi Premium” arbitrage.

Blockchain MOU Development Challenges

MOUs can take time to produce results.

ICON Announces ICX Listing on’s Wallet & Card App

You can now purchase ICX, ICON's native token, at's pioneering wallet and card app for Android and iOS.

Blockchain a Response to Big Tech’s Platform Capitalism

ICONLOOP CEO JH Kim spoke at the Korea Future Forum 2019 & Blockchain Tech Show in Seoul on Tuesday, in which he compares blockchain's development to that of AWS

Seoul’s Plans to Bring Blockchain to Citizens & Tourists

Seoul Metropolitan Government's embrace of blockchain technology continues.

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