Monthly Archives: September, 2018

ICONLOOP Recruits Two Platform Experts

ICONLOOP adds two more experts to the team.

News in the ICON Republic: Token swap and more

ICX token swap extension and other news in the ICON ecosystem.

WeBloc: Building a Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem

If another occupation is the “world's oldest profession,” advertising must be a close second with a history that dates back to at least ancient...

ICON Yellow Paper: Part 1

A quick view at the ICON Governance Yellow Paper

News in the ICON Republic: SK MOUs and more

This week's news on the ICON Republic

ZenSports : Giving Control of Sports Betting to the Betters Themselves

Sports can be a bit more fun when there's some money on the line. What the decentralized peer-to-peer sports betting application ZenSports seeks to...

LogisticsX Aims to Take the Wait out of Parcel Delivery

Founder and COO of LogisticsX, Erik Cheong, explains how he aims to marry blockchain technology to the last mile logistics.

What is the kimchi premium and why are Korean banks worried

A look at the kimchi premium and Korean banks' concerns at its possible re-emergence.

Incentivizing Fandom: STAYGE Helps Artists by Rewarding Fans for Their Passion

Michael Baeg, CEO and Co-founder of STAYGE tell us the story behind the company and why they are tokenizing fans influence.

SF Blockchain Week Seeks to Change the Narrative

Steven Chen, one of the organizers of SF Blockchain Week, promises the event will show the public that blockchain is much more than just a scheme to get rich quick.

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