Monthly Archives: December, 2019

Adieu, 2019. Hello, 2020.

It's been a big year for ICON, the ICON Republic and the blockchain space.

A Tax Bomb? Or Just the System Working Out Some Kinks?

Bithumb gets handed a big tax bill. But what does it really mean?

Korean Blockchain Market to Grow Over 60% per Year Through 2022: Report

A recent report predicts that Korea's blockchain industry will grow about 61.5% per year to reach KRW 350 billion by 2022.

The Value of Decentralized ID — Part Two

Part II of ICONLOOP CEO JH Kim's interview with the Korean think-tank Yosijae: Future Consensus Institute.

DID will soon put an end to Korea’s frustrating online certification system

In a recent interview with a Korean think-tank, ICONLOOP CEO JH Kim discussed the many benefits that blockchain-based decentralized identification can yield.

Does Crypto Regulation Violate Rights to Property and Pursuit of Happiness?

The Constitutional Court of Korea will hold a hearing next month to determine whether the government violated the constitution with its regulations on the cryptocurrency industry.

2 Companies Implicated in Slander Scandal VS ICON

Rumors intentionally spread in China by two companies may have contributed to the recent 30% drop in ICX prices.

THE BRIEF #7: DID: The Gate to Mass-Adoption?

The Brief highlights the top ICON announcements, news and community content of the weeks of December 5 to December 19.

A Little Concern, A Little Optimism

Nations around the world believe cryptocurrency could be used to launder money or evade taxes and are acting accordingly.

Broof: A Hands-on Experience

We have a look at exactly how broof certificates work: both issuing and receiving.

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