Monthly Archives: April, 2019

An Iconic Perspective From an Outsider

Iconist Redditor Aspected1337 shares their views on ICON and the blockchain ecosystem.

Samsung Gearing Up for Blockchain

Might we soon be looking at the Samsung Coin?

Linking the Chains

Linking blockchains can decrease congestion on networks. ICON does this!

The ICONSENSUS Campaign Ambassador Program is Now Open

ICON opens applications for ICONSENSUS Campaign Ambassador Program, which aims to engage the community and promote ICON ahead of decentralization.

ICON Team Interview: On Community Relations and ICX_Station

Video interview with Ricky Dodds, ICON's Head of Institutional Markets, and Scott Smiley, Manager of the San Francisco ICX_Station.

ICONLOOP at the Bloconomic Excellence Award 2019

A recap of ICONLOOP attending Bloconomic in Malaysia.

ICONLOOP’s First Advisor is AMCHAM CEO James Kim

ICONLOOP appoints James Kim, Chairmand and CEO of AMCHAM, as its first advisor.

ICONSENSUS Ambassador Program: Coming Soon

The ICON team will soon announce the launch of an “ambassador” program for the ICONSENSUS campaign.

KT is Launching a 5G GiGA Chain to Secure IoT

KT is launching a new 5G-based blockchain brand, GiGa Chain, to protect IoT.

$ICX Rises 17.8% in Past 24 Hours

The token traded 17.8% higher against the dollar within the past 24 hours and 18.1% higher in the last 7 days, as of the time of this writing on April 23rd at 12:30 KST.

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