Last week, the iBriz-Iconosphere P-Rep team launched a new product, Token Score Factory, through their OpenDevICON initiative. Token Score Factory is an easy-to-use web platform that allows for the creation and deployment of IRC-2 and IRC-3 SCORE without having to write even a single line of code.

Easy to use, they say, but you’re still not sure what the rest of that means? Token Score Factory’s website explains it all in layman’s terms thusly:

A token is a representation of something in blockchain. This can be money, services, shares in a company or anything. By representing something as tokens, we can allow smart contracts to interact with them.”

“IRC2 tokens are standard tokens …(that) help to keep track of fungible tokens. IRC3 tokens are ICON’s non-fungible token (NFT) standard.

It’s important to note that while the service is not difficult to use, it only handles the smart contract required to deploy the tokens — it doesn’t mint new tokens directly.

Ajaya from iBriz elaborates: “After the deployment of the contract, the user needs to mint NFTs using the ICONex extension or another platform. Our service just provides a way to deploy the smart contract for the NFT, but handling of minting and all the game theories for the NFTs need to be done by the user.

(So, really, you’ll still need some coding knowledge in order to do anything with the SCORE you generate on Token Score Factory. Ha! Of course there was a catch!)

How to deploy token SCORE like a boss

In order to use Token Score Factory, you will first need to have a Ledger or an IRC2/IRC3-compatible ICX Wallet installed because some transaction fees will have to be paid in ICX. (ICON recommends using Hana as a replacement wallet for the now-deprecated ICONex.)

Once you have that done, just enter some relevant basic information about your token: your token’s name, symbol, initial supply, and total supply. 

The last step: deploy your token to your preferred ICON network.

Now you have everything set up! Transfer away, via Hana or

Yep, it’s that easy.

You can access Token Score Factory here.