ICONLOOP announced Thursday that it had been selected as the supervising operator of Gangwon Province’s blockchain-powered integrated management platform for chronic diseases.

The project is one of 10 publically led blockchain projects for 2020 recently announced by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA). ICONLOOP will join with UbiPlus and EIDWare to form a consortium that will jointly begin work on the project by the end of the year.

Gangwon Province is regarded as an optimal place for development of the healthcare industry with its aging population, a medical system plagued by poor accessibility, and its recent designation as a regulation-free zone for digital healthcare.

This project — to be conducted with public health clinics in the province and a provincial center for remote medicine — will focus on building a blockchain-based health management system for chronic cardio-cerebrovascular disease patients who cannot visit the hospital or find themselves in management blindspots.

Through the blockchain-based platform, the system can make use of DID and transparently and securely manage health information. Based on this, the platform will be able to offer mobile services such as measured health data through AI-powered predictive analysis and IoMT (IoT for medicine).

The platform will restore sovereignty to patients over their own medical data and establish a future-oriented self-care model that offers tailored predictive analysis of chronic cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.

The project will not only improve public health in Gangwon Province, but also reduce socio-economic costs for health care, save patients by securing the “golden time” for treatment through AI-powered predictive analysis and enable preventive healthcare for potentially at-risk groups and individuals. It may also establish a foothold for future growth engines in the province by cultivating high-value-added knowledge-based industries such as blockchain, DID, AI, and Big Data.

ICONLOOP CEO JH Kim revealed his thoughts on the project, saying,

“The biggest characteristic of blockchain, ‘enhancing security through distributed ledger technology,’ will also be a big leap forward for the medical industry, which is especially sensitive to data. We will do our best to create big data value based on medical information by improving security, stability, and efficiency using blockchain, DID and AI healthcare technology. We will continue to increase the social, economic, and industrial value of Gangwon-do.”

Minhwan Kim, ICONLOOP’s Communication Team Lead added,

“As medical data deals with sensitive personal information, trust and security when working with this data is more important than data from other fields. This project is expected to be an opportunity to verify the value of the blockchain by applying it to areas that require such high levels of reliability and security.”