ICON announced Monday that it would soon open its TestNet for P-Reps.

According to the announcement, ICON will launch the TestNet and release its P-Rep TestNet Guide on April 30.

The TestNet allows P-Rep candidates to experience what it’s like to actually run a node for ICON and offers an opportunity to check the technical status of their nodes. P-Rep candidates can build nodes through a docker and produce and verify blocks of the ICON Network on the TestNet.

The TestNet allows ICON to work out some kinks too. ICON will use data collected during the period for the decentralized ICON MainNet.

“The ICON P-Rep TestNet is a fully decentralized network for the purposes of testing,” says ICON product manager BongAn Ha. “This is an important and meaningful milestone in that the ICON P-Rep TestNet is the very first fully decentralized network that is run by the ICON Foundation.”

“P-Reps can set up and operate a node and at the same time produce and verify blocks,” he adds. “Through the process, P-Reps can confirm if the network is stable. It is a great opportunity to check various technical issues before the on-chain election in September.”

If you’re a P-Rep candidate that would like to use the TestNet, submit an ICON TestNet Application Form. The ICON Foundation will provide you access to the TestNet after reviewing your eligibility.

You’ll be able to see detailed guidelines and receive additional technical support from this private Telegram channel.

ICON’s announcement included a schedule we have reprinted below:

Step 1. Node set-up + Application form & IP Address submission (April 26)
– Set up a node for TestNet: preparation for docker implementation recommended
– Submit the Application form and static IP Address for TestNet by April 26
– Please enter the team and node information on this survey

Step 2. TestNet launch + P-Rep TestNet Guide release (April 30)
– TestNet will launch on April 30
– P-Rep Node software will be released based on Docker
– P-Rep TestNet Guide for node installation and operation will be released
– P-Rep candidates who submitted IP Address in Step 1 can participate

Step 3. TestNet final check (May 10)
– All P-Rep candidates should complete TestNet node set-up by May 10th
– The late-coming candidates will be added to the list on a regular basis