As we recently declared, The Iconist may be ending its long hiatus.

But for that to happen, we need your support.

The Iconist team has made a proposal through ICON’s Contribution Proposal System. That proposal is now live.

Allow us to briefly present that proposal here:

  • Project duration: 6 months (renewal proposal submitted every 6 months)
  • Team: 5 members (Editor, Journalist, Researcher, Community leader, Designer). The senior team who previously led The Iconist project are still on staff at G3 Partners and are eager to reboot the platform.
  • The project includes:
    • Daily ICON news reporting: Minimum of 5 articles per week, 1 audio podcast per month, video interviews published when possible
    • ICON community news portal: A dedicated space on the main Iconist site where we’ll highlight content from around the ICON ecosystem. This includes daily listings of third party ICON-related news, P-Rep profiles and activities, social media news feeds and other relevant and interesting content
    • Mainstream Media Outreach: Based on our very extensive PR experience and networks, we will actively seek opportunities to place ICON and ICON-related news into mainstream and blockchain-related media. We will also pursue content partnerships with other news publications to augment the reach of our content
    • Newsletter & Social Media: As before, we will actively maintain The Iconist newsletter (25K recipients) and social media accounts, including allocation of budget to paid ads
    • Monthly report: Published on the CPS and The Iconist website for maximum transparency
    • Website redesign: Refresh The Iconist website to make it easier to navigate and more effective as a promotional tool for the ICON community.
  • Funding: We’re asking for a budget of ICX 59,014.13 (USD 60,000 as of June 10 exchange rates, divided into 6 monthly payments of USD 10,000 each).

Woah, That’s a Lot of Money. Why Vote for You?

Because P-reps — like everyone else in the ICON ecosystem — know the value of quality information. And quality promotion.

The Iconist is an experienced and knowledgeable team of journalists, producers and designers committed to spreading awareness of the ICON network.

That doesn’t mean being shills. That means providing the kind of high-quality reporting the community needs to make smart decisions.

And just as importantly, it means building trust with engineers and designers by giving them honest, useful information, encouraging them to build on the network.

Quality journalism helps everybody win: P-reps, developers and ICX holders alike.

The Iconist will also serve as a promotional vehicle for all corners of the ICON community. G3 Partners — the parent company of The Iconist — is a marketing company, after all, so this is something we know a lot about.

If you’ve got an ICON-related announcement or event, we’ll be happy to talk about it. All you’ve got to do is give us a shout. This of course also extends to article features with P-Reps about your activities, news and updates.

And we’re already set up for success: in addition to our human team, The Iconist brings formidable digital assets to the dance, including over 4,000 social media followers, more than 24,000 email subscribers and a website with over 500 pre-existing articles.

The ICON network is an awesome network with a bright future ahead of it.

You know that. We know that.

Now it’s time to let the world know that, too. Give The Iconist your vote and give ICON the information and promotion portal it deserves.