BTC Manager reported Tuesday that the ICON Foundation and Liechtenstein Blockchain Innovator LCX are set to partner and “develop new standards for tokenized assets and exchange knowledge and insights on security token infrastructure, compliance solutions, and regulation technology.” 

With industries around the world rushing to digitalize, using blockchain-powered security tokens to tokenize assets could potentially open access to non-liquid financial assets worth trillions of dollars.

This could potentially transform the financial and trading industries as they are now, exponentially increasing trade volumes.

With this collaboration between ICON Foundation and LCX calling on the two companies to exchange knowledge and crucial information on designing a security token infrastructure, we can expect to see a solution in the form of a “quick, scalable, and secure technological platform.”

Aisshwarya Tiwari from BTC Manager further reports:

“The ICON Foundation and LCX will work closely to brainstorm, develop, and implement new standards for tokenized assets and explore mechanisms to connect them with other participating blockchains in the ICON network ecosystem. Further, the two entities are also mulling sharing operational infrastructure in Liechtenstein and South Korea.”

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