A network of leading ICON DApps just got a new member. And it’s a big one.

The ICON DApp Alliance announced on Saturday that the crypto finance platform VELIC had joined the organization.

The IDA’s members “meet” every Wednesday through ZOOM to discuss how to expand the ICON ecosystem, how to bring about collaboration between IDA members and how to bring other businesses into the ICON ecosystem.

During their latest meeting, the members agreed that it would be great for VELIC to join IDA since the crypto finance platform/cryptocurrency exchange has an intimate understanding of the ICON ecosystem and could — as an IDA member — support ICON DApps when they list their IRC2-based tokens.

In fact, decentralized advertising protocol weBloc’s WOK token is the only ICON DApp token currently listed on the VELIC exchange. IDA’s members agreed that getting more ICON DApps to list their tokens on VELIC would go a long way in expanding the ICON ecosystem.

Accordingly, they immediately set up a meeting with VELIC… which wasn’t so hard, since three of IDA’s four teams (VELIC, SOMESING and weBloc) work in the same building in Seoul where ICON does. And after a short meeting, VELIC became a new member.

VELIC (which we demonstrated here) is the world’s only digital asset exchange with an ICX market. Playing a central role in the expansion in the ICON ecosystem, the platform provides a wide range of crypto-based financial services, including loans and staking services.

VELIC also recently formed a strategic alliance with two other exchanges — Dcoin and Probit — to promote the global expansion of outstanding Korean blockchain projects.

“With this membership, any business who wants to build a dApp on ICON and issue IRC2-based tokens can receive the full support from IDA - marketing and advertising from weBloc, service know-how from SOMESING, user acquisition from STAYGE, smart contract review from Signal9, and listing on exchanges from VELIC. It means IDA can provide full support on a potential dApp of ICON as a package with all elements to build a successful dApp.” said weBloc Director, Steve Cho.