In the latest episode of his always informative The Icon Show, Corey C from Ubik Capital sat down with Peter Saddington of Decentralized TV to discuss all things ICON.

You’re highly encouraged to watch the episode in its entirety, but to give you some of the highlights:

  • Saddington praised the ICON Foundation’s Min Kim for his maturing leadership style and for “making decisions for the greater good at the cost of the short term,” namely his focus on building communities.
  • ICON’s pursuit of true decentralization gives the network plenty of growth potential. As we’ve seen with Bitcoin, decentralization works at scale because of the voluntarism of individuals who believe the technology is valuable. ICON will continue to grow because it’s “not a single entity trying to push the train uphill. It’s a decentralized community.”
  • Saddington sees great value in being a network provider. He points to the examples of Amazon and Alibaba. He says, “ICON is choosing strategically what I believe to be the longer and harder route, but it’s the more sustainable and expansible route, to be a hub, a linchpin in a system that can never be removed.” Being a hub also gives ICON staying power. “If ICON continues to be a networker, an integrator of networks, an integrator of multiple systems, they will survive long winters.”
  • DID is exciting. If people like the technology, tools will emerge to allow consumers to leverage it. Indulging in a bit of hearsay, Saddington shares a “very cool idea” somebody shared with him of integrating blockchain or cryptocurrency into a browser or search engine provider. He says, “That would be a very powerful tool the public could leverage – identity – to make sure that when they go and experience the web that they control what is seen from them. They control what is taken from them.”

Lastly, a tip of the hat to Mineable’s excellent iconTV.