We’ve seen considerable movement in Korea’s regulatory environment for blockchain over the last couple of weeks.

Most notably, a parliamentary subcommittee passed proposed revisions to the “Act on Reporting and Using Specified Financial Transaction Information” — a.k.a. The Financial Transactions Reporting Act (FTRA) — that call for the registration of cryptocurrency exchanges. While perhaps not to everyone’s liking, the revisions are widely seen as a first step to bringing the cryptocurrency industry into Korea’s mainstream.

At the very least, they would better establish the rules of the game. Lawmakers still have some work ahead of them before the revisions become law, though, and recent developments may not have helped.

Meanwhile, the ICON network continues to stabilize. ICON is now working on two internal releases and one external release. With Revision 8, the network should be fully stabilized. Mobile staking functionality has been added to the iOS version of the ICONex wallet, and the ICON Tracker has been given a facelift, too.

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