The Iconist recently had the opportunity to meet ICON’s resident cryptoeconomic experts, Changju Lee (aka Dr.ICON) and Bong An Ha to discuss post-decentralization and what lies ahead for the ICON network.

Despite a network pause and some slight issues, both Changju and Bong expressed satisfaction over ICON’s transition to a decentralized network and thanked P-Reps for continuously supporting the network. 

“I really appreciate all the P-Reps who actually participated in decentralization,” said Changju. “I know we had a lot of issues and that could frustrate a lot of P-Reps to not run [nodes on] our network. But I really appreciate them for working really hard and staying with us.”

Changju and Bong also acknowledged governance issues the network was currently facing, specifying that vote buying was a particularly hot topic among the community. While they are aware it is something that needs clearer regulations, Bong warned that “P-Rep disqualification proposals should be used very carefully.” 

Impressed by the P-Reps’ decision making, Changju added, “I am actually really proud of our main P-Reps and Sub P-Reps, […] because the community itself kind of solved [the issue] together and decided not to do vote buying.”

Top heavy vote distribution and ways to circumvent this problem, as well as what they’re working on next following decentralization were also addressed by Changju and Bong. You can watch the full interview split into 2 below.