ICON DAO is a decentralized organization committed to providing the tools and services needed for ICONists to easily develop and manage decentralized communities.

1. Tell us about your team.

Our team is a collaboration group of 25 engineers and product experts working from 3 offices in Seoul, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh city; fully covering the Asia region. We are experienced community builders with several commercially successful projects under our belt. Most noteworthy being our Viki.com digital media platform (acquired by Rakuten) and community-driven social network, Vingle.net; both projects garnering millions of users per month.

ICON DAO is our ICON-dedicated project group, and as we venture into building self-governing and proactive communities on the ICON network, we are hoping to repeat the success of our previous projects and develop products that will generate millions of users for ICON.

Our future contributions include Code in Force (a programmable governance system), a Token Manager, a Community Bank, as well as integration of our CryptoBadge.app (a reputation system) that already has a running prototype with thousands of badges issued. We believe these will be great assets to the ICON ecosystem to drive mass adoption of network.

2. Why would you like to become an ICON P-Rep?

Our mission is to enable mass collaborations by autonomous communities and we saw the potential ICON had to revolutionize how we manage and communicate between communities.

Our team has already committed to a strategic partnership with ICON to build products that will foster growth of the ICON ecosystem, now we are seeking to become a P-Rep to fund those development projects, invest in the community and provide optimum node operations for the ICON network. We want to actively contribute our talents and voices to the network to make it better.

As we are a group of developers, we recognize that running a resilient node and supporting the network’s technical improvements are key components to a successful platform, and at present stage that is one of the most crucial areas where ICON Foundation continuously needs help. These are the additional areas ICON DAO will be focusing on, in addition to product development.

Our aim is to make significant contributions to ICON and as a P-Rep we will be in a better position to accomplish our goals.

3. Why should the voters vote for YOU?

We are a long time believer and investor of ICON, under our TheVentures.co arm we were one of the earliest investors in the project. In our many years as a venture capital and an active player in the blockchain tech sector in South Korea, we have gained a strong understanding of what kind of support tech startups at various stages require. So although we could’ve simply stood by and watched as our investment becomes the success we know it will, we decided that we wanted to be active contributors and participators of the network to fully support its growth.

As partners and investors of ICON Foundation, our voters can be assured we will always work in line with the Foundation’s vision as well as commit to the success of the network.

Furthermore, we are more than just node operators, our main goal is to support and build the network and encourage others to do the same. So in addition to the products we are providing to ICON we also are proposing the ICON DAO Community Grant. This is a grant to encourage development and celebrate the best contributors of the ICON ecosystem — ICON dApp developers, advocates, or ecosystem contributors. We are hoping to foster a full community of contributors and not just P-Reps and their voters.

4. What do you like about ICON? What sets it apart from other blockchain platforms?

There are several reasons why we believe in the power of this project. Primarily speaking, ICON network’s interoperability between private and major public chains has the potential to be a force within the industry. ICON will evolve further than other platforms as it becomes a bridge to interconnect others.

In addition, the ease of access that Fee Sharing 2.0 provides to DApp users, will ensure the products developed on the platform will find an audience. As product developers, that is a major selling point of ICON for us. Fee Sharing 2.0 revamps the DApp user experience and has the potential to drive mass adoption not just of ICON but the blockchain industry as a whole.

ICON DAO has seen the effort ICON has made to disrupt multiple industries by establishing partnerships to provide solutions to traditional financial groups, governments and other corporations. This active, real-world approach is directly aligned with our philosophy to solve real-world problems using blockchain technology in an effort to bring it to mainstream success and make a better decentralized world for us all.

5. How do you envision a decentralized ICON network? Why is decentralization important?

Our vision for a decentralized ICON network is an entire community of ICONists effecting change and making contributions to the best of their abilities to build a strong ecosystem where decentralized communities can flourish.

ICON DAO foresees a world where decentralized communities effectively replace many functions traditionally held by companies and states. As experienced community builders we determined that the future of social networking will be communities effectively pursuing their missions without the need of a central governing body. This makes decentralization paramount to how we build communities and organizations in the future.

Decentralized blockchain platforms like ICON that recognize and are facilitating the transition of this new era will be ahead of the game.

We support ICON’s full decentralization because we believe public networks like ICON should not be dependent on a single, centralized governing party — even if it is the ICON Foundation. From the moment of full decentralization, the network can be fully operated by the community, for the community, and of the community. ICONists should be the core party of the network governance and operation as well as play a role as active ecosystem contributors. Making their voices be heard for the common good of the network — either as voters or as builders.

To learn more about ICON DAO’s initiatives, refer to their full proposal on icon.community. 

Are you a P-Rep candidate and would like to be featured next? Send us your answers to the above questions via email at [email protected].