The decentralized advertising ecosystem (and main P-Rep) weBloc has officially launched JUBJUB, a blockchain-based service that rewards users for taking offline actions.

By downloading the mobile app for Android and iOS, JUBJUB users can earn WOK tokens by coming within 150 meters of a participating cafe. In the future, you’ll earn tokens for undertaking certain “missions,” such as visiting locations, ordering certain menu items or providing particular information.

Right now, WOK holders can donate tokens to cafes they’ve particularly enjoyed to support them, something weBloc calls “Seeding.”

Soon, however, users will be able to use WOK tokens to get digital coupons to buy coffee or purchase gifts. They may soon be able to turn their tokens into cash through cryptocurrency exchanges, too.

weBloc launched a trial version of the service in July. Since then, they’ve grown the number of participating cafes to about 400 cafes in Jeju and several in parts of Seoul.

JUBJUB allows small business owners to cost-efficiently advertise their services and products,says Steve Cho, the project’s Head of Global Business.All JUBJUB, Seeding, and even user review comments actions are being recorded on ICON’s mainnet and there’s no area where abusing and fraud can happen.”

Users can see the transparent user reviews and how much they liked the places via the amount of WOK token donation to the cafes,” he continues. From the advertisers’ point of view, they can actually see who are visiting and how much they liked the services. JUBJUB will be the beginning of an actually blockchain-based advertising platform anyone can use based on real performance.”

The weBloc team will focus on promoting the service and growing the number of users by growing the number of participating cafes in Seoul.

With the launch of JUBJUB, the team also plans to expand its blockchain services aimed at small  companies. They are currently working with mobile payment platform and strategic partner Mobidoo to develop a reward service that connects users with small businesses in the Seoul area.