It’s been 2 days since the start of pre-voting and ICONists are not playing around. 

At the time of this writing, 14.5% of the total ICX circulation has been used for voting, while approximately 15% has been staked. 41 P-Rep candidates (out of 74) are currently registered and battling it out in what seems to be a rapidly changing competition. i_Score is also now available (at a rate of 1000 i-Score : 1 ICX) and entitles you to claim your first ICX rewards. You can follow the ICON Tracker for real-time updates on P-Rep rankings. 

The top candidates are familiar faces, having all been featured on The Iconist in the past in interviews, profiles and/or guest posts. As a reminder to all P-Rep hopefuls, please contact us if you haven’t been featured yet. A P-Rep profile is a good way to be published on The Iconist without having to wait your turn for an interview.

With 28 days left for pre-voting, and still a few P-Rep candidates not yet registered (including ICON Foundation), there’s no telling what future rankings will look like. As a reminder, ICONists are encouraged to diversify their votes to avoid centralization of power. If your favorite teams have already secured a spot at the top, you may consider spreading your votes to other deserving candidates with different areas of expertise to offer (ie. marketing, community, node operation, business development, etc.) Keep in mind that the 22 P-Reps need to have at least ~1.6M votes each or the network can’t decentralize. Currently, only the top 9 qualify, which means more votes need to be spread out.

If you haven’t voted yet, P-Rep candidates have been actively sharing step-by-step tutorials to help you out. Have a look at some of these resources to get you started and make sure to update your ICONex wallet to version

Lastly, in case you’re having problems, stop by the pre-voting mega thread on Reddit or the ICON Telegram chat group where ICONists have been generous in offering technical support to other members of the community.