Note: This article was updated on October 22nd with the latest release of ICON Polls, FAQ Chatbot, Notification tools, ICONalyst, and MetrICX

ICON’s recent August roadmap update is a testament to the team’s effort to realize decentralization. It is clear from numerous developments that the team is not alone in doing so. ICONists, including certain P-Rep candidates, have also been hard at work developing useful staking tools for members of the community. From staking calculators to voting charts, here’s a look at a few of these releases.


P-Rep candidate Chainode Capital released the beta version of their tool dubbed ICONExporter, which allows users to export their ICX transactions as a CSV file. Once obtained, ICOnists can then import the file directly onto Excel for better visualization ⁠— useful for calculations, filters, and tax purposes. The step-by-step guideline is explained on their website.

ICON Voting Chart

A visualized voting chart, created by P-Rep candidate Piconbello, shows real-time information on current rankings, delegated ICX and how much percentage of staked ICX each P-Rep currently has. A neat feature located at the top right corner offers the possibility of downloading the chart in SVG or PNG format.

ICON Telegram Bot

P-Rep candidate Everstake has added support for ICON through its @Everstake_Bot. The bot provides basic information on the movement of ICX, and offers features to view wallet balances, add an unlimited amount of wallets, delegate addresses, and receive incoming/outgoing transaction notifications. For the full list of features, refer to Everstake’s announcement post.

ICX Stakr

ICX Stakr is a new reward/staking calculator released by P-Rep candidate block 42. The top shows an overview of various staking stats, including the percentage of staked/voted ICX, the current yearly reward rate, and the un-staking period. You can then calculate your rewards by inserting the amount of ICX you staked, which will give you return estimates based on different time frames. The re-staking table also provides an optimum rate at which you should re-stake your ICX in order to get the best returns. More details are available in their Medium article.

Icon on Staking Rewards

In addition to ICX Stakr, ICOnists have another way to calculate their rewards. As of today, ICON is listed on Staking Rewards, a platform that enables users to check individual and comprehensive estimations for staking returns. 


Staking Platform

P-Rep candidate Sharpn’s beta version of its Staking Platform aims to provide ICONists with the best staking experience possible. To do so, they have created a platform where ICONists can participate in Sharpn’s decision making via smart contract, as well as monitor the team’s reward expenses and node performance to ensure transparency. For more details, you can view their Youtube video.


Ever wondered what P-Reps would be earning based on their votes? P-Rep candidate BlockMove has converted the numbers for you in a simple Transparency Report, which provides insight into their finances. That’s right, full disclosure on P-Reps’ incomes  a useful tool to keep P-Reps accountable for future expenses.

ICON Stake Information

Last but not least, P-Rep candidate ICONation has recently released a tool that lets you know when unstaked ICX will be unlocked. For those of you who’ve tried unstaking ICX but weren’t sure when your funds would be available, this tool could prove to be an invaluable resource.


ICON Europe community released the first version of its community governance tool, ICON Polls, which allows ICONists to vote on polls related to ICON Europe. To vote, users need to use TestNet ICX, which is free to get, to pay the transaction fee. To switch your ICONex wallet app from MainNet to TestNet, take a look at the official guide and follow the steps. 


P-Rep candidate RHIZOME has recently announced that MetrICX, their first ICON DApp, is in the final stages of development and testing and will be released within the coming weeks. With MetrICX, users can check their own staking data, vote allocation, current i_Score, projected returns, and other information simply through their mobile phones. Additional features like push notifications regarding P-Rep productivity, i_Score availability, and P-Rep announcements will also be added in the near future. 

FAQ bot

Have a question about the P-Rep elections or staking? The FAQ Chatbot, operated by P-Rep candidate iBriz, is here to help with queries on anything P-Rep related. Simply personal message the chatbot on Telegram and get answers to your basic queries. Hoping to spread the word and inform more people about ICON’s growing ecosystem, iBriz has listed Frequently Asked Questions on their website as well. More details are available on their Medium post

Notification Tool 

Fondry Box Media has developed the ICON Notification Tool to give users an email alert whenever there is an update on their ICX wallets. Users can track wallets for transactions, account balance updates and i-Score updates without having to constantly check it. For the full list of 7 trackable features available in this tool, refer to their official post.


Last but not least, Foundry Box Media also released a beta version of its governance and management platform ICONalyst. This tool helps all participants in the ICON ecosystem govern and guide the growth of the ICON network, discuss and propose policies, and get important information about ICON representatives. For more details, refer to their Reddit Post.