According to a Blockchain Today article (in Korean), Singapore-based CryptoMECA, who’s running ICON DApp and online casino MECA Coin, announced a strategic partnership with Korean social commerce company Lemon Coupon

This partnership aims to build a connected system of cryptocurrency and real goods in order to increase its use in the real economy, a key area in the cryptocurrency financial ecosystem.

Based on the article, users of Lemon Coupon can charge their points with MECA Coin (MCA) and purchase real goods such as cosmetics, clothing, and so on. Lemon Coupon allows users to pay on-site, rather than following the complex mobile payment methods of other social commerces. Once users make a payment via Lemon Coupon, they get 2% in pay-back points, which can then be used in popular Korean coffee franchises such as Starbucks, Ediya, Tom N Toms and Twosome Place, as well as convenience store chains GS25 and CU.  

Through this project, CryptoMECA plans to build a digital city and connect it with the offline world, providing higher levels of e-commerce, digital content, and game services. This expands on the company’s initial goal for MECA Coin of creating a virtual Vegas strip, opening CryptoMECA to a much broader market.

James Rhee, CEO of CryptoMECA, says, “This partnership agreement provides a realistic ecosystem for cryptocurrency and real goods. We hope to develop more strategic partnerships and contractor relations in the future.”

The company is also working on its ‘Virtual Entertainment World & Digital Life’ ecosystem, and has recently been listed on global exchange LATOKEN and received an exclusive KRW listing on Korean exchange Foblgate.