Wanchain, a member of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance (BIA) along with ICON and AION Network, has recently announced a new partnership, taking the next step into mobile security.

Wanchain’s latest project is a partnership with Rivetz, a leading provider of mobile and blockchain-based security solutions, and ElevenPaths, the cybersecurity division of Spanish multinational Telefónica. Together they will provide fortified privacy protections for mobile security technology.

Rivetz and ElevenPaths first got together back in 2017 and co-developed Dual Roots of Trust, a built-in hardware security that enables carrier-grade identity and e-commerce protections for Telefónica and other mobile devices.

The namesake for the project ‘Dual Roots of Trust’ comes from the two-tier layer of protection, which gives the users two “independent roots of trust”.  Under this system, the user’s private key is “cryptographically distributed between two independent roots of trust: The Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and the carrier subscriber identity module (SIM)”

Wanchain will integrate the hardware protections devised by Rivetz to bring a new level of assurance and interoperability to the blockchain record. Wanchain’s additional layer of protection gives consumers control over their private keys which safeguards them in the event of a breach or malware attack.

According to founder and CEO Jack Lu, Wanchain will “enable the mass market security and privacy that every user needs to have a safe and simple experience.”

Wanchain, Rivetz, and ElevenPaths, plan to debut their work during a demonstration at the upcoming Mobile World Congress week in Barcelona, Spain on February 25–28, 2019.  They will demonstrate “how the solution offers a new model for a fully integrated identity, privacy, payment, and operational experience”.

As the members of the BIA keep working towards a common goal, interoperability, we can only wait and see how they will impact our daily lives in the near future.