ICONists rejoice ICX withdrawals and deposits are once again open on Huobi

After what felt like an eternity (nine months to be exact), the ICX token swap from the old ERC20 tokens to Mainnet ICX is finally complete on Huobi, which means ICONists can now trade on the popular Chinese exchange once again. 

In more happy listing news, several ICX pairings are available on both VELIC and Swiss-based exchange Lykke. VELIC announced new trading pairs to come for its recently released ICX market, which include popular tokens ETH, XRP, EOS, and BNB, while Lykke is offering trading pairs with USD, EUR and BTC.

Readers may also remember that we announced listings on HubrisOne and CoinEx just last month — things certainly seem to be picking up, exchange-wise, at long last.

Ahead of pre-voting this Monday, August 26th (in 3 days!), make sure to check out the official voting tutorial for ICONex, as well as VELIC’s staking service. Happy staking!