More great news for ICX traders: Last week, we shared that CoinEx had listed ICX. Now, listing of ICON’s native token has just been announced by HubrisOne, a cryptocurrency wallet.

Known as an “all-in-one cryptocurrency current account”, the mobile-based app is hoping to facilitate mass adoption of crypto and blockchain by combining crypto wallets, fiat currency accounts, crypto trading and smart analytics in one app. With HubrisOne, users can easily manage their cryptocurrency assets.

The app brings access to a number of exchanges, offering users the ability to exchange between hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, as well as crypto to fiat, without ever having to go through the complicated process of onboarding your funds to a new exchange. Plus, HubrisOne rewards you with free HBRS tokens for every transaction you make.

While most Americans can use HubrisOne’s services, please note restrictions in the following states: New York (NY), Georgia (GA), Connecticut (CT), Hawaii (HI), New Mexico (NM) and Washington (WA).