Time flies. Earlier this month, we featured the first 6 entries of ICON’s Got Talent, and now the contest is officially over. The final round of the TX Challenge closed applications as of yesterday, July 31st, bringing the total number of entries to 20. According to the initial announcement, 6 teams will be crowned winners and split a total reward of 300,000 ICX. Judging is currently underway until the winners announcement on August 14th.

As per the evaluation criteria, 10% will be based on popularity. This is where ICONists come in. All entries submitted on ICON’s Reddit thread can be upvoted, giving the top DApps a better chance at winning. 

Here’s a quick summary of a few that caught our attention. To see the full list of entries, click here.

Battle Bomb Royale

Be the last man standing in this exciting game developed by the ICONation team! Run entirely on ICON, it is multiplayer, works in real-time and allows you to earn ICX by having fun. Similar to ‘hot potato’, a bomb is passed around numerous players until it detonates. The player who is still alive by the end of the game wins.


P-Rep candidate Sharpn developed Certiv, an edtech web application that allows universities to certify university students’ profiles (experiences, skills, projects, etc) and help employers and recruiters differentiate candidates. While the app is intended for students, Sharpn have released a demo version that certifies P-Rep candidates instead.

Kitchen Call

The ultimate food delivery DApp is here. Kitchen Call allows users to order, reserve or pick up your food on the go. Look through menu options sorted by distance, place an order and enjoy a delicious meal. You can even arrange for your delivery to arrive at the same time as you get home. Now that’s convenient.  


Developed by weBloc, JUBJUB, as its Korean meaning (pick up) explains, is a DApp that helps you find cafes in Jeju Island while “picking up” WOK tokens. Simply find a cafe through their map, check-in and you’ll be able to earn tokens. There is also an option to “throw” tokens as a form of airdrop if you were satisfied with a particular cafe and wish to incentivize others to come. A fun way of visiting the island, boosting the local economy and earning rewards at the same time.


Developed by the team at Ubik Capital, Breadcrmb is a mobile DApp built on iOS that allows you to own your location data by uploading it to the ICON blockchain. Users can check-in at locations and even give ratings, leaving behind mementos of their favorite places. Stop giving away your location data. It’s yours!  


ICON-DELTA is a decentralized exchange built on ICON that allows users to trade tokens without the need for a third-party. Its main feature allows you to safely exchange assets that already exist on the ICON network, without additional fees. 

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