August is upon us. And that means July updates on ICON’s roadmap! ICON has been very busy this past month, releasing several key updates, including the long-awaited DPASS, IISS 2.0, Fee 2.0 and much more. Here’s a brief recap.


Since its launch on January 17th, 61 teams have applied to become P-Rep candidates and have shown great passion for the ICON ecosystem, publishing weekly articles, uploading explainer videos, and even developing DApps. Pre-Voting begins on August 26th, so make sure to participate if you want to be eligible for ICON’s promotional event. More details to come soon!

IISS 2.0

ICON released version 2.0 of the ICON Incentives Scoring System, which contains a few new additions including penalty systems, ICX token issuance systems and fee systems. The token burning component was a particularly hot topic on social media channels. You can view the IISS 2.0 Paper here.

Fee 2.0

This new feature allows ICON DApp operators to bear the transaction fees that users typically have to pay for when using a DApp service. With Fee 2.0, ICON is aiming to improve the user experience, lower barriers to entry for DApps and ultimately encourage adoption. 

TX Challenge / ICON’s Got Talent

Officially over as of July 31st, the TX Challenge proved to be successful in demonstrating the ICON network’s capacity to endure high transactions, exceeding millions in daily traffic. ICON’s Got Talent, the final round of the challenge, also enabled the development of high quality DApps in just a short period of time. Winners of the contest will be announced in two weeks. 


ICON’s Decentralized Passport (DPASS) is now officially available on both iOS and Android, successfully being released using the ICON public blockchain protocol. You can download it here: iOS / Android.


ICONLOOP’s my-ID was approved by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) earlier this month. The digital identity service will allow users to open non-face-to-face accounts, thereby enabling the issuance of high-level identity certification. 

“In July, ahead of September’s P-Rep election, the ICON development team completed the P-Rep decentralization work, IISS compensation system, and other ICON decentralization-based features. The planned Pre-Voting Period is on schedule as planned. We hope that many ICONists will celebrate the upcoming launch by participating in Pre-voting,” says the ICON team in their Medium announcement.

For full details on development updates, refer to the official roadmap page