Though My-ID and the MyID Alliance have been garnering much of the attention during ICX’s recent bull run, yesterday’s correction notwithstanding, ICONLOOP has got even more up its sleeve.

The blockchain developer and ICON technology partner recently unveiled its “VisitMe” visitor management solution.

Incorporating ICONLOOP’s decentralized ID (DID) protocol, VisitMe eliminates the hassle involved in visiting an office, typically requiring visitors to fill in a guestbook and turn over your ID card. And importantly for ICON, VisitMe operates on the ICON public chain.

With the service, users simply make reservations to visit the office using an app available for iOS and Android.

After confirming your name, phone number, place of work or other basic information, the service sends you an invitation through the app. The invitation includes a QR code.

When you arrive at the destination, simply show the QR code to the scanner at the door and voila, you’re let in immediately. No wait. No fuss.

Let’s watch as ICON cryptoconomist Ben Lee — a.k.a. Dr. Icon — shows us how it’s done:

Since VisitMe’s invitation is blockchain-based, it’s virtually impossible to forge.

And did we mention the app is done up in smart ICON blue, too? Convenient, secure and easy on the eyes.

As you can see by Dr. Icon’s boss-like demonstration, ICONLOOP is already putting VistMe through its paces at the company’s own office in Seoul, as well as at another nearby building. The developers plan to officially launch the service after the Proof of Concept period.

According to Korean-language business news outlet Financial News, ICONLOOP is exploring plans to connect VisitMe to the My-ID app set to launch in the first half of this year. This would require the consent of the currently 47 members of the MyID Alliance, however.

One of those members, the ubiquitous hotel booking platform Yanolja, is also working on a digital ID-based solution that will use MyID to simplify the reservation and check-in experience.

ICONLOOP Communication Team Lead Minhwan Kim says, “Many institutions and companies spend a lot of cost on access control and security. VisitMe is a good example of how blockchain can provide value to the real world as it can provide high security and convenience at low cost and resources. ICONLOOP will continue to provide the value of blockchain in various fields to create a reliable world.”