With the TX Challenge hitting millions of daily ICX transactions – even surpassing Ethereum at one point – it’s clear that ICON has been quite busy over the past few days. They’re also preparing for events both in the United States and South Korea — here’s your chance to see them!

ICX_Station will be attending the ‘PoS (Proof-of-Stake) CEO Summit’ on June 15th in Palo Alto, California. Hosted by P-Rep candidate Infinity Stones, the event will focus on staking protocols and will gather roughly 50 industry experts. ICX_Station Co-Founder Scott Smiley will take part in a panel discussion titled “Who Can Be My Node?” to discuss how ICON’s staking and governance mechanisms function compared to other networks. You can register for free on their eventbrite page.

Just a few days later, ICONLOOP’s Director, Henry Lee, will be attending the annual Digital Economy Forum on June 20th in Seoul hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Korea. Focused on ‘Fintech 3.0: Evolution of Open Banking & Beyond’, this event is expected to gather major industry experts, including CEOs and execs from HSBC, Kakao Pay, KPMG, Hotels.com, Hashed and even the Seoul Metropolitan Government. To register, follow this link.