Fall season is upon us, and so are blockchain events. Two upcoming conferences in Seoul, both of which will see ICON and ICONLOOP in attendance, are sure to make headlines. If you’re in Korea, here’s your chance to meet them!

BlockFesta 2019

Jonghyup Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP, will be a speaker at BlockFesta 2019 held on September 27. This conference is part of one of the largest blockchain events in the country, Korea Blockchain Week, of which ICON is a partner, and will run for one week from September 27 to October 4. With the topic of “Blockchain in Government”, BlockFesta 2019 will see government officials and private companies discuss a long-term road map to develop blockchain into a major national industry. During this event, Jonghyup Kim will introduce ICONLOOP’s digital ID service, my-ID, and its real-life usage for the future. 

Hashnet Blockchain Conference

ICON’s cryptoeconomist Changju Lee, also known as Dr.ICON, will be speaking at Hashnet’s Blockchain Conference on October 15. As a Korean blockchain portal site, Hashnet uploads news articles, columns and videos about cryptocurrency and blockchain trends. Their event aims to introduce various blockchain development projects in Korea and establish blockchain as the country’s promising new industry. As one of the main actors in creating the Korean blockchain ecosystem, ICON will share its blockchain expertise and discuss the future adoption of blockchain technology.