Korean-language blockchain news outlet BCNMedia takes a look at a new information system that collects and provides information on Seoul’s largest used car and automotive aftermarket district.

The new system, which goes into operation from Sunday, aims to integrate data provided by individual automobile-related businesses in the Janganpyeong neighborhood and rectify the information imbalance between people on the ground and other industry workers.

Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to provide through the system not only automobile-related educational materials and information on local events, but also information pertaining to sales and sellers.

The city will digitize and offer data on sales, parts, re-manufacturing, tuning and other car info in Janganpyeong.

In particular, the website for used car sales uses the Seoul Blockchain Platform, based on ICONLOOP’s blockchain engine “loopchain.”

The Seoul Blockchain Platform prevents tampering of data entered into the website and improves trust in the system.

The ultimate aim of the used car sales information management system is to standardize codes and information systems related to the local car industry through systematically integrating sales information.

A Seoul Metropolitan Government official said he hopes the new information system restores the competitiveness of Janganpyeong as not only an offline car market but as an online one as well. He also expressed hope that by providing people with more information, Janganpyeong’s tradition as a used car market can continue and that the neighborhood can grow into the center of the country’s automotive aftermarket scene.

(Tip of the hat to ICONkr.)