Following a recent interview with Ricky Dodds, The Iconist was able to speak with Josh Choi, ICONLOOP’s Director of Public Affairs, where he gave us additional insight on the P-Rep campaign, IISS update, and the differences between ICON and ICONLOOP.

Speaking on the ongoing P-Rep elections, Josh is excited at what’s ahead and believes current candidates have great potential. 

“If you look at the profile of all these P-Rep candidates, they are well established teams who have proven track record in operating nodes in other platforms,” he said. “So I think the campaign is going well, especially in these really hard times in the blockchain industry. We’ve got really really good candidates.” 

Josh also addressed the confusion regarding ICON and ICONLOOP’s roles, clarifying that ICONLOOP had a strong mission to make blockchain usable in real life. 

“In addition to its original task to provide technological contributions to the ICON network, ICONLOOP now has to find its own business model based on blockchain technology,” he said. “This is why we came up with several actual products and services based on the ICON blockchain network.”

You can watch the full interview below. Stay tuned for 2 more video interviews with Josh coming soon!