Aero Systems West (ASW) recently announced a new partnership with P-Rep candidate Ubik Capital to improve the safety of drone operations using the ICON blockchain. 

The California-based aerospace company specializes in professional-grade heavy-lift drone systems. One of their recent projects delivered the first drone package in Antigua, involving a fully-autonomous delivery over 2 miles with a Heavy Lift Multirotor drone that weighed 62 pounds.

This partnership aims to secure ASW’s commercial drone operations by storing data on the ICON blockchain, which offers high speed with low error and less latency. Ubik Capital will assist with software development and ICON infrastructure, while ASW will provide drone software, hardware, and flight testing support.

The teams plan to collaborate on developing technologies for drone data sharing, safety, reliability, and tracking improvements. Once they’ve worked on prototyping, developing and ground testing, they will conduct flight tests to explore the feasibility of ICON’s blockchain technology with drone operations.  

Ron Marconet, COO of ASW said, “The immutability and provenance of drone data stored on a blockchain has huge potential to improve commercial drone operations.” 

Russell of Ubik Capital added, “Our strategy at UBIK Capital includes a focus on expanding the ICON ecosystem through deepening ties to other industries. We are pleased to join ASW in introducing ICON to the rapidly growing drone industry.”