The Iconist recently got to sit down and chat with two key members of the ICON team: Ricky Dodds, the ICON Foundation’s Head of Institutional Markets, and Scott Smiley, Manager of ICX Station’s San Francisco Launchpad.

Ricky discussed how the ICON team was working to engage the community. He noted the Foundation’s strengthened efforts to keep the community informed, citing in particular ICON’s monthly updates and the AMA process.

He said, “Always looking for ways to improve our dialogue with the community and improve transparency from the Foundation.”

Meanwhile, Scott talked about his work with ICX Station, ICON’s global accelerator program. In particular, he discussed Singapore’s Tribe Accelerator, ICON’s collaborative effort with TRIVE Ventures and PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub.

“It’s a great opportunity for ICON to enhance its presence in Singapore,” he said. “There are some great opportunities for collaboration in the future.”

View the entire video interview here: