The Iconist recently got a chance to sit down and have a video interview with Ricky Dodds, the ICON Foundation’s Head of Institutional Markets. We asked him some follow up questions based on his most recent ICON AMA, and we also chatted about the upcoming staking and delegation, especially on the topic of ICX_Station as a P-Rep candidate.

Ricky gave a shout-out to prominent ICON community member Bittburger, whose AMA question prompted a long and thought-provoking answer. The concept of ICON’s ‘Homerun Scenario’ was also expanded upon:

“Obviously, ICONLOOP has a number of very good relationships in very high places. Things like myID, consortiums with top-tier banks, top-tier telecoms… When those companies get more comfortable around public blockchain, you’ll start to see the project flourish even further.”

On the topic of ICX_Station joining the P-Rep race, Ricky was understandably excited. He explained a bit about how P-Rep rewards will be spent, should ICX_Station get voted in:

“ICX_Station won’t be receiving any votes from the Foundation. It will be a separate entity. During this transition phase there will be some overlap of responsibilities… (Our team’s contracts with ICON) will come to an end over time. And at that point, we will be able to take compensation for the work that we’re doing for ICX_Station. But in the meantime, all rewards to the extent that ICX_Station is voted in as a P-Rep will be 100% reinvested into the ecosystem for growth. There will be no double-dipping.”

The video interview has been split into two. You can view them right here: