Continuing our series of P-Rep Profiles, this week we are introducing P-Rep candidate D.STREET, a Seoul-based blockchain media company that shares industry news and projects to the Korean masses. 

1. Tell us about your team

D.STREET is a blockchain media and community platform in Korea formed by a joint venture between Maeil Economy (the biggest financial media in Korea), the Dayli Financial Group (Korea’s biggest fintech company and parent company of Coinone, Nomad Connection and ICONLOOP), and Block Crafters (the biggest blockchain accelerator in Korea). Our role is to actively communicate news and projects within the industry to the Korean public.

2. Why would you like to become an ICON P-rep?

As an experienced node operator and leading blockchain media in Korea, we are eager to contribute to the ICON network by delivering news to Korean investors through our online news site, 4,000 YouTube followers, 4,000 newsletter subscribers, and numerous Telegram rooms.

3. Why should the voters vote for YOU?

We are strong believers in Proof of Stake, and our experience as “Node Partners” with a number of projects including IOST, TTC and AERGO demonstrate we are capable of being a stable and reliable block producer for the ICON community. As a leading blockchain media platform, we have our own news website, YouTube channel with various influencers, and Telegram rooms, which allow us to reach out to more than 30,000 crypto investors in Korea. We also host various educational events and conferences, such as D.VIP, World Knowledge Forum (biggest business conference in Korea by Maeil Media Group), and BUIDL (sponsor), where we can expose the ICON project to the mass public.

4. What do you like about ICON? What sets it apart from other blockchain platforms?

There are a number of platforms that are struggling with governance issues, but ICON is able to prevent this by setting up higher minimum requirements to become a C-Rep. By earning one’s position as C-Rep by IISS (ICON Incentives Scoring System) evaluation and through consensus with other existing C-Reps, malicious intents can be avoided. We also like that giving citizen node rights to loopchain-based DApps helps the community and DApps to engage actively in the ICON ecosystem. 

5. How do you envision a decentralized ICON network? Why is decentralization important? 

Without decentralization, the stability of the network depends on a few decision makers, which puts the rest of the ecosystem at risk and prohibits other participants from engaging voluntarily. In order to create a network that creates value, decentralization is inevitable. In this sense, it would be crucial for ICON to form a group of independent nodes with various interests and competencies to provide stability and a sense of checks and balances.

To learn more about D.STREET, check out their full proposal on If you’re a P-Rep candidate and would like to be featured next, send us your answers to the above questions via email at