Now halfway through the TX Challenge, ICON has announced the launch of its final award round, dubbed ‘ICON’s Got Talent’, which will conclude on Wednesday, July 31st EOD (KST).

Started on June 3rd, the TX Challenge has proven to be a worthy stress test for the ICON network, validating its capability to perform at high volumes ahead of decentralization. The challenge has since gathered over 240 blockchain-based services to the network and generated over 60 million transactions, for a total of 67,000,194 transactions at the time of this writing.

As part of the final award, 6 winners will split a grand prize of 300,000 ICX (50,000 ICX per team). Participating teams will be evaluated based on the following 5 criteria: 

  • Value to end users (30%)
  • Good use of blockchain (30%)
  • Creativity (15%)
  • UI/UX (15%)
  • Popularity (10%)

Amongst the 10 judges you will see a few prominent ICONist names, including: Jonghyup Kim (ICONLOOP CEO), Yongjoon Chung (ICONLOOP Head of Business Development), Justin Hsiao (also known as 2infiniti), and Daeki Lee (ICX_Station San Francisco).

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, August 14th. To participate, teams must register here. While anybody is welcome to apply, those who have already registered for the TX Challenge must reapply to participate in ICON’s Got Talent.