Last month, we shared the ICONSENSUS ambassador highlights from June, which had the 10 ambassadors churning out a total of 21 ICON-related content, including articles, videos, infographics and even gifs. This month, the group of ICONists surpassed themselves with 27 pieces of content. Here’s a look at some of them.

Infographics aplenty

With staking just a few weeks ahead, many ambassadors released infographics to generate excitement and encourage the community to participate. Thanks to the easy shareability of infographics, ICONists were able to spread the word and inform others of pre-voting coming ahead. Here are a few good examples: 1, 2 and 3.

By ICONists, for ICONists: The Democratic Chronicles

Active ICONist Corey Costa started a series based off of ICONation’s, where he discusses with the many different P-Rep candidates about decentralization, governance, and much more. Check out episodes 1 (featuring Russell Shirey of Ubik Capital), 2 (featuring Radiofriendly of ICONation), 3 and 4 (featuring Keith Mandela of ICONNECT).

Enjoy the full list of ICONSENSUS ambassador content below. Happy reading / watching !

  1. ICONSENSUS is coming.. (gif) (June 29) – by Easy Breezy
  2. ICON Inflation Simplified (June 29) – by Russell
  3. Staking Infographic (June 29) – by Chain Tribe
  4. ICONSENSUS and the election of P-Reps (Public Representatives) (July 2) – by Marius
  5. By ICONists, For ICONists, “The Democratic Chronicles: With Corey Costa” (July 6) – by Corey Costa
  6. An Optimistic Take on ICON & Why the P-Rep Election Matters (July 6) – by Mineable
  7. ICONSENSUS on ICON is coming… (graphic) (July 7) – by Easy Breezy
  8. ICON’s ICX Staking is Coming! (July 7) – by Chain Tribe 
  9. Overview of ICON P-Rep Candidates (July 7) – by Marius
  10. The Conception of Digitized Democratic Equity: The ICON Paradigm (July 9) – by Corey Costa
  11. Network elections (infographic) (July 12) – by Chain Tribe
  12. ICONSENSUS on ICON is coming… (gif) (July 13) – by Easy Breezy
  13. VELIC: Digital Exchange Built On the ICON Network (July 13) – by Russell
  14. ICON Decentralized Applications (Part 2) (July 15) – by Marius
  15. The Basics of ICONSENSUS Part 4 (video) (July 16) – by Archer
  16. ICON (ICX) – ICONSENSUS P-Rep Elections Reach 50 Applicants (July 17) – by Mineable
  17. “By ICONists, for ICONists: The Democratic Chronicles with Corey Costa” Episode II (video) (July 18) – by Corey Costa
  18. ICONSENSUS on ICON is coming… (gif) (July 20) – by Easy Breezy
  19. ICONSENSUS’ candidate list — some impressions (July 20) – by Chain Tribe
  20. “By ICONists, for ICONists: The Democratic Chronicles with Corey Costa” Episode III (video) (July 20) – by Corey Costa
  21. ICON Network Future Events (infographic) (July 20) – by Marius
  22. The Art of P-Rep Selection (July 21) – by Russell
  23. IISS 2.0 Updates (video) (July 24) – by Archer
  24. ICONSENSUS on ICON is coming Sep ‘19 (graphic) (July 28) – by Easy Breezy
  25. “By ICONists, For ICONists” The Democratic Chronicles: Episode IV (video) (July 30) – by Corey Costa
  26. ZenSports: Peer-to-Peer Mobile Sports Betting On the ICON Network (July 30) – by Russell
  27. A Closer Look at ICON’s IISS Updates (July 31) – by Russell