Today, we are looking at a couple of popular (non-Ledger) ICX wallets, including the recently launched Hana wallet, as well as a couple of other platforms that allow you to store ICX in different ways. A timely issue now that ICONEX is being deprecated.

That’s right — you shouldn’t use ICONEX anymore

A recent Chrome update broke ledger integration on ICONex. It will now be deprecated. No further update will be supported by the foundation, according to our sources at the ICON Foundation. It is recommended that everyone using ICONex migrate to Hana wallet as soon as possible.

If you use ledger hardware to manage your funds, simply use Hana wallet (see below) to access it. If you do not use ledger hardware to manage your funds, you must create a new wallet using one of the following and transfer your ICX and other tokens to the new wallet.

MyIconWallet rebranded as Hana

A new Icon wallet has been launched by the P-Rep team Reliant Node. Called Hana wallet, it is the first multi-chain wallet with DApp support, asset management and governance available on multiple chains, according to a source from the ICON Foundation.

Reliant Node previously developed the non-custodial wallet under the name ‘MyIconWallet’. They rebranded it to ‘Hana’ this week with the launch of a killer new feature: a multi-coin wallet Chrome browser extension set to be the successor of ICONex.

Staking is a breeze on Hana, too. Auto-staking features have become popular for cryptocurrency beginners who may not know the P-Rep teams well enough to make an informed delegation. But whereas other ICX wallets can automatically suggest top-ranked P-Reps to choose from, Hana goes one step further. Unique to Hana wallet, a short description of each P-Rep and their ongoing projects is listed so that anyone, including those yet unfamiliar with staking and delegating ICX, can easily choose which P-Rep to delegate to.

Upon their July 13 launch, a few pointed out that Hana wallet had no Ledger support. Fortunately, the ReliantNode team listened to the community and quickly made ledger support available. Support for Android and iOS will be maintained as well. 

The ICON community is sending an applause out to ReliantNode’s hard work.FYI: The Hana chrome extension works with  Balanced DAO , and I love the UX, said Scott Smiley, early contributor to Balanced DAO.

You can add Hana wallet for ICON to your Chrome through this download link.


The ICONTROL P-Rep team has also just released their non custodial wallet for iOS and Android. This wallet does not have ledger support, but offers other extra features like ICON Name Service and a Reward Card. You can learn more about it here.

Hana vs WalletX: an overview

Other places you can store your ICX

The following services aren’t wallets, per say, but are popular ways to store ICX nonetheless.


ICONFi is a savings service that claims to provide a “secure and simple option for crypto beginners”, according to their website, in addition to allowing users to earn yields from other crypto currencies. Additionally, ICONFi has auto ICX claiming and re-staking for additional rewards, encouraging users to stake, rather than store ICX. The project is advised by Min Kim, founder of the ICON project, and led by Sean Kim, a seasoned expert in financial products and underlying trading systems.

Do you have a favorite ICX wallet or storage solution that isn’t listed above? Share with us at or on Twitter @TheIconistNews and we’ll add it to our list!