Earlier in May, ICON revealed the list of its ICONSENSUS ambassadors, whose main goals are to foster community engagement by promoting the P-Rep elections and all things ICON ahead of decentralization. Since the beginning of June, the 10 selected ambassadors have been churning out articles, videos and even infographics on a weekly basis. Let’s take a quick look at some of them.

The Basics of ICONSENSUS

Ambassador @cryptarcher has so far released 3 videos on the basics of ICONSENSUS, explaining P-Reps, node operation, staking and much more! At 1 minute long, the videos provide just the right amount of information and are a great resource to share with people who are starting to get involved with the P-Rep elections. Here’s part 1, part 2 and part 3.


In this series, ambassador Russell shares the importance of resilient nodes for the success of decentralization and necessary security practices in System Operations. Part 2 is particularly relevant for P-Reps planning to set up their node on AWS. Stay tuned for Part 3, which will focus on Linux EC2 Instances.

Staking, staking, staking!

If you haven’t heard already, staking begins in August. A lot of information is being shared ahead of the staking period, including what to expect from the reward system. ICONists will be allowed to vote/delegate not only to P-Reps, but also to DApps and EEPs. Here’s a handy infographic.

Be sure to check out the rest of the ICONSENSUS ambassador content below. There’s a lot!

  1. ICONSENSUS Resiliency (Part 1: Introduction) (June 3) – by Russell
  2. ICONSENSUS – The Forming of the ICON Network (June 5) – by Chain Tribe
  3. The Harbinger of Decentralized Democracy: ICONSENSUS (June 6) – by Corey Costa
  4. ICONSENSUS Infographic (June 9) – by Easy Breezy
  5. ICON…Ready…Set…Go… (June 9) – by Marius
  6. Participatory Democracy: The Cornerstone of ICONSENSUS (June 9) – by Corey Costa
  7. The Basics of ICONSENSUS Part 1 (video) (June 10) – by Archer
  8. ICONSENSUS Resiliency (Part 2: Sys Ops Security) (June 11) – by Russell
  9. Overview of Staking on ICON Network (June 12) – by Marius
  10. ICONSENSUS graphic (June 15) – by Easy Breezy
  11. Growth And Expansion: Globalized Representation Through ICONSENSUS (June 16) – by Corey Costa

  12. SMART CITIES – the future of blockchain mass adoption? (SEOUL and ICONLOOP as an example) (June 17) – by Chain Tribe

  13. P-Rep TestNet Mid-June Update (June 17) – by Russell

  14. The Basics of ICONSENSUS Part 2 (video) (June 18) – by Archer

  15. ICON (ICX) – Whatever Happened to The Korean Ethereum? (June 20) – by Mineable

  16. ICON Staking Overview (graphic) (June 20) – by Marius

  17. How To Become A P-Rep For ICON With Corey Costa And William Mckenzie Of Rhizome (video) (June 21) – by Corey Costa

  18. The Basics of ICONSENSUS Part 3 (video) (June 21) – by Archer

  19. ICONSENSUS is coming…(gif) (June 22) – by Easy Breezy

  20. ICON Decentralized Applications (Part 1) (June 22) – by Marius

  21. The Basics of ICONSENSUS Part 3 (image) (June 23) – by Archer