CORRECTION: The original headline said the Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation was a Busan government organization. In fact, it is operated by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, a national government organization. It does cooperate with local authorities, though.

The Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation recently concluded its Citizen Science Lab seminar series.

Held from May to July, the six-week series was aimed at entrepreneurs (and world-be entrepreneurs), university students and ordinary people who are interested in taking part in the center’s “Citizen Science Lab” living lab.

During the seminar, participants learned about the “living lab” concept, underwent training in design thinking to discover and define problems, received mentor matching to help with service planning, learned how to develop a business model and write a business plan and more.

Best of all — at least as far as the ICON community is concerned — is that everyone who completed the program received blockchain-based digital certificates issued by ICONLOOP’s broof.

In case you needed a reminder about broof:

With the aim of accelerating mass adoption of blockchain, ICONLOOP developed ‘broof’ to support certificate issuance and storage and prevent falsification. Authorities can minimize costs of issuing and storing paper documents without having to create a separate database system, while recipients can receive and view their blockchain-based certificates anywhere and anytime.

Simply put, certificate issuances can occur when the listed data from the issuing authority corresponds with the requestor’s input data. “Once the issuing authority (company or institution) sets the approved recipient list, issuance period, and a URL, the recipient can access the URL and enter their name and password to obtain the certificate without going through other lengthy procedures.” ICONLOOP Medium post.

Operating on the public chain, broof has already seen action with leading Korean science and technology university POSTECH and Seoul Metropolitan Government. ICONLOOP also has an agreement with leading Korean job portal Saramin to allow job applicants to submit diplomas issued by broof.

Given that the Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation is a government organization, the latest use case would suggest official confidence in the solution.

(Hat tip to ICONkr)