ICX prices experienced an amazing bull run in the last couple of days, peaking at $1.07 today before dropping to $0.93. Up from a low of $0.64 just two and a half weeks ago, ICX is performing surprisingly well as other cryptocurrencies stumble. In fact, ICX has reclaimed a spot in the top 100 cryptocurrencies, and was the second strongest crypto performer of the day.

Michaël van de Poppe, a crypto analyst with 350k Twitter followers, forecasts a positive outlook for ICON (ICX) and four more altcoins in addition to the overall DeFi sector:

“DeFi is going great, as AAVE, SNX, COMP are waking up heavily. It’s just a start, but the market starts to look good. I’m expecting more to follow suit with those.” 

The analyst also tells his followers to watch out for the soon-to-moon altcoin, ICON (ICX): 

“Is Icon bottomed out? Might be. Heavy support bounce, after which it’s looking like it wants to test the resistances. Flipping those are entry triggers. Potential continuation of 75% possible.”

Poppe’s analyses are not the only resource we have considered to expect a positive ICX outlook. In fact, as ICX rose to be the #2 top performer in crypto today and jumped back in as #89 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, comments on ICX are trending on social media. Here are a few, for your reading pleasure:

“finally getting the love it deserves .. don’t sleep on this game changer!! Awesome to see Icon gaining in rank as well.. Icon will be a powerhouse with BTP and Icon 2.0.. we’re just getting started!!” — DeFi Dave

In a sea of red, $icx is one of the few that is up! I can’t believe my eyes!” El⬡ – ICX

“Price action is the best marketing? indeed.” — Patryk Galewski

Coincodex also published an article on ICON price analysis. “This week, ICON is up 20% after rebounding from support at $0.8 and hit the 50-day MA near $1.00. ICON is starting to trend higher as investors continue to anticipate ICON 2.0: BATANG, the new blockchain software architecture.”

Hopefully, we will soon see less “when moon” on ICX social media channels. (Come on, you know it’s getting old. Let’s go to the moon, already!)