The Iconist wants to become an even bigger piece of the ICON Republic. 

G3 Partners, the Seoul-based marketing and PR company that operates this humble publication, is proud to announce that we have launched a peer node on the ICON public chain.

But even more importantly, we are also running as a P-Rep candidate.

Our campaign platform is a simple one: fully 100% of our ICX rewards will go toward funding The Iconist news media site.

That means that the more ICX is delegated to us, the more funds and staff we can commit to the project, and the more ICON and blockchain news we can publish.

Though we have always pursued high journalistic standards, financial independence will grant us more latitude in what we write about.

Our ultimate goal is to register with Google News. This would allow us to better share with a global audience all the ways the ICON Republic is contributing to a decentralized future, so that we can do our part in realizing ICON’s dream: Hyperconnecting the World.

Watch this video for an introduction by G3 Partners CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The Iconist Nathan Millard:

Our full P-Rep proposal is up on the website, where you can read about our platform in further detail.

We also have a dedicated page up on The Iconist website, which displays how much ICX is delegated to us and shows exactly how these funds are used. 

Furthermore, if you have some ICX you’d like to delegate, you can vote for us using your ICONex wallet.

If you have any other questions, we’re happy to chat. Whether you’re an ICX investor who wants to learn more about our platform or a complete crypto rookie seeking more information about blockchain, feel free to get in touch with us at any of the below social channels and we’ll help you out.

And again, if you’d like to vote for us, we’re grateful for every token delegated!

You can contact us here: