Welcome to the world, broof 1.0.

ICONLOOP officially launched its blockchain-based certification service on Monday.

Several institutions, including Seoul Metropolitan Government and Postech, have given the service a spin since the launch of its beta version last April.

Rarely has issuing a certificate been so easy.

Choose a base design and make it your own. No need to tell recipients to come and pick up their certificates — broof tells them automatically through email or KakaoTalk. Manage certificates in real time. You can even cancel ones you’ve already issued. And since broof automatically keeps track of your certification history, you no longer need to muck around with Excel.

Recipients have new options, too.

Broof stores in one place all the certificates you’ve received to make them easier to manage.

Print out your certificate with a single click of the button. Or submit it by email if you like.

You control the privacy settings on your certificates. Show them only to whom you want.

Institutions can also check the validity of a submitted certificate using a QR code or document number to check the original certificate saved on the blockchain.

In addition to making, receiving, submitting and confirming certificates a breeze, broof’s blockchain-powered solution is a powerful weapon in the war against academic fraud.