UK-based candidate Metanyx is working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation of the ICON network. The technical team aims to improve the ecosystem through e-commerce integrations and a developer focused approach.

1. Tell us about your team.

Our core team is based in the UK with a specific focus on e-commerce. We built one of the largest UK payment platforms that had annual transaction volumes of over £5 billion for over 5,000 merchants. We have also designed a money lending platform, digital signage platform, anti-fraud platform used by Mastercard and most recently a platform that allows merchants to accept Alipay and Wechat pay at point of sales terminals across the UK. Our team consists of a PhD, MBA , Masters in AI and an RHCA.

2. Why would you like to become an ICON P-Rep?

We would like to grow the ICON ecosystem by adding true value. We want to drive real world user case for ICON outside of the current crypto ecosystem. As a P-Rep, we want to promote ICON as an alternative method of day-to-day payments as well as leverage the power of the ICON virtual machine for DApps. We will endeavour to build on the ICON blockchain and encourage adoption. 

3. Why should the voters vote for YOU?

Metanyx specializes in e-commerce integrations. We plan to develop integrations to existing shopping carts to allow users to pay for and merchants to accept ICON (ICX). We will focus on integrating WooCommerce, Magento, OScommerce and Shopify. We have extensive knowledge in more traditional payment platforms where we would also like to see the possibility of integrating to existing payment gateways.

Metanyx are technical experts and are very well respected in the networks we are currently involved in. We are not trying to be a staking service in every network but focus our skills and expertise into a select few. So far in all the communities we exist in, we have built a reputation with the community and with our fellow delegates.

In ICON, we immediately dug deep into the code base, reviewed the architecture of the P-Rep container provided and have actively engaged directly with the ICON development team to debug issues. We raised a number of tickets in Github with error traces and issues as they occurred with our suggestions. We have already been working with some of the more established P-Reps and will continue to behind the scenes to improve the ecosystem.

4. What do you like about ICON? What sets it apart from other blockchain platforms?

ICON’s self governance objectives with the ability for P-Rep to set i_Score as well as the DPoC provide a differentiation from other DPoS blockchains. It will be interesting to see how P-Reps manage the network and ensure it is secure and sustainable for the future by self managing the economic model. Voters will have the opportunity to easily change their vote to ensure the P-Rep is contributing to the ecosystem. The built in burn mechanism will also ensure P-Reps maintain a stable and secure node.

ICON offers one of the fastest confirmations and a powerful smart contract language which will be instrumental in the adoption of decentralized finance (deFi) applications. We think ICON’s virtual machine written in Python will make adoption easier.

5. How do you envision a decentralized ICON network? Why is decentralization important?

The most important part of decentralization is the security and stability of the migration away from the existing Foundation-run nodes to the community-run nodes. Decentralization is important to move the value of the network in its current form away from one single entity. Beyond the actual decentralization of the network infrastructure, P-Reps must be prepared to support the development of the main codebase using the rewards they receive. To achieve full decentralization the community must be able to support the platform.

Metanyx believe we have the expertise to assist in the management of the chain beyond the decentralization of the network itself. We look forward to working within the ICON ecosystem and building the next generation of blockchain technology alongside our fellow P-Reps.

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